sunday 6th .08. 17

Ohoy myself and all the people who will read this at some point (or not). The summer is nearly over and it went by fast and painfree. Fairly painfree with an exception of a nearly broken foot after trying to prove to some friends in Stockholm that I can skateboard which I cannot. I had the stubborn idiotic conviction that my balance and I, hence to the dancing, would be spot on, and therefore mastering skateboarding would be an easy quest. -I am a fool!

Last weekend I went to Sardinia (spelt: Sardegna too apparently) to celebrate my friend Morenos birthday. Me-and-him-with-synchronised-hands-in-very-cool-evening-light-that-looks-super-vintage on the picture to the left, taken by Flora Wellesley Wesley. It is nice to spend time on an island with dancers / artists and forget that this is what we had in common in first place and why we met. I truly experienced that, this time around and probably for the first time in a while. Now I will always consider them all to be my fellow sweaty mountain bike-buddies (oh dear, that word) rather than just idols and friends. ---------

Next week I will be returning to work with Alex Howards' project-company Without Measure again. Eager to return as I have been away the past half a year on various little adventures and therefore missed out on quite a bit of research that has been happening over the course of four months. A website for the project is now up and running, although still a work in process. Find out more about what we do and will be doing on:

I will be performing a new solo score (a mix between set material and an improv score) as part of one of our Saturday-evening performances at Lansdown hall. It is inspired by an old solo work from 2014 that I performed in South Korea at the event Walking with you towards Well being initiated by KoRoot but previous title (Momentum) and content has had quite a transformation. Will write more about it in the upcoming days. end of writing,

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