Onwards home.

Satin Circus. A great band. Found out a friend of mine used to study with the pianist in the band. Wonder if she had a thought she'd befriend a Swedish fan of his to-be-band later on.

I'm heading back home tomorrow. To Sweden. For roughly a month. It feels like, with this, I definitely finish chapter one of 2015. The grand stories written for every year. It's officially Spring. Finally. I've been talking about this non-stop since the good weather went on hiatus and cold winds swept in. I don't know what is coming. Life feels very open again. Possibilities. Different pathways. Choices. Some things I wish to remain. The good things that's been met. Things I can't steer solely by own will. So what can be done is to hope and fight for these things. And nurture them. Show that there's more to come, to see, to experience. There isn't a deadend. One day it might be there in sight but for now, at least I can't see it. Just wideopen space and freedom.

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