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Today's investment. Doing things I like and am interested in. Some things that I forgot I enjoy doing came back. A lot of Gender-talk. A lot of sexuality talk. A lot of thinking. A lot of a lot. Dancing was beautiful this morning. There is a lot of happiness to get there for sure. Even though my life seems to be more or less about dance nowadays, I still forget to appreciate it. Dance - we've been together since I learned to stand up. Mom told me and I love you. Then I had two hours spent taking photos. In sun and rain. And even some hail. Leonie & Anders, the Camera, a roof, myself, some flowers. Ciggies too. I'm very excited for spring and summer. I will grasp it all. Embrace the sunkisses and give all that love back.


Me and Anders, modelling in Leonie's latest design. It's uncanny. Makes me giggle. Almost like Japanese art. Seminar in the evening with Amy Bell. Speaking about Gender-performance. Interesting topic, very good talk and I realise I need to start going to more of these. Not necessarily gender related. I used to enjoy studying. To read and learn. Such a nerd. Or geek. Wish I could tell my teenage self that one day that will be an enriching factor. Maybe I wouldn't have missed out on so many things that I had to regret loosing later. Filled my notebook, got inspired and started debating with myself. ___ I think of you. When to write or what to write. If to write. or if to call. As long there is an 'us' I will fight for it. There are many ways to do this I realise. I'm very sure about things these days and today gave me something to bring with me.

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