Castle in the Sky. A film. Someone fell from the sky. And then she was floating. I'm jealous. Wishing that I would float. Thinking that it might be easier. Even flying. One of the things i've been thinking about lately is how difficult it is for people to sync emotionally. Being young, I like to think that I quite often felt like emotion was like two people drawing a picture following a simple instruction and theme. "Let's draw under the theme of happiness today" and so we did. Different pictures but all under the same spectrum. That was easy. It scares me to think that as we grow older, it gets more difficult to "access" those heartfelt places that came so easily to us. The more experience that is printed into mind and body the higher the bar of expectation is raised of - ourselves. - our moments. ______ Step 2 in the mind is: We are probably better and more free to find the measures to feed our curiosity. And that was the signal for this writing to stop. Everything floats. Together, rather than in the sky.

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