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Dancing to the Paintings

Dancing To The Paintings is a performance piece created by Martin Creed where the dancers embody the forms/shapes of the Howard Hodgkin and Martin Creeds painwork. Across the museum, the dancers bring life to and shed a different light on both the artworks and the gallery space.  


The piece was performed as part of 'Hodgkin and Creed: Inside out' at Kistefos Museums building The Twist in Norway between
September - November 2019. 


Exhibition: Hodgkin and Creed: Inside Out
Exhibition curator: Robert Guy

Choreography: Martin Creed (with choreographic assistance of Typhaine Delaup)
Typhaine Delaup

Hannah Parsons
Daniel Jeremiah Persson

Alexander Aarø

Anders Engebretsen

Kristine Halmrast

Maria Lothe


Skärmavbild 2020-02-10 kl. 16.43.27.png

Installation view, Hodgkin & Creed: Inside Out, Kistefos, Jevnaker, Norway, September 18–November 17, 2019. Artwork, left to right: © Howard Hodgkin Estate; © Martin Creed.
Photo: Timothy Chase


Photo: Ida Golberg


Artwork, left to right: © Howard Hodgkin Estate

Photo: Stina Viola Brandt

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