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A SOLO FOR THE NINE TOWERS is a commission for the opening of  Sol Lewitts artwork Nine Towers (for Jene) inspired by the architectual structure of the towers with its dense materials. 
The work was embodied as a play on the idea of building towers within the physical body and continuously change its direction in 360 rotations. 
Furthermore the solo highlighting the surrounding environment of the artwork to bridge the distances between the Nine Towers (for Jene), its audience and the horizontal perspective. 

Sol LeWitts Nine Towers (for Jene) is a 5 meter high sculpture consisting of 4000 white special cut-out cement blocks (cinder blocks) approximately 20x20x40 cm. The artwork is a profound representation of his art but created from architectual means and materials. A row of pillars and a temple that challenges its audience both perceptually and physically. It activates the beautiful environment with a contrast and mathematical poignancy. 

Med stöd av: 



Choreography & Performance: 
Daniel Jeremiah Persson

Duration: approx. 15 minutes


Opening of Sol LeWitts 'Nine Towers for Jene'
Kivik, Sweden 
: 25 June 2018


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