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20 january 2022.

after a rough start to the new year, catching the now well-known covid-19, I am excited to start the process with the work AELDRE together with artist platform ENT in the upcoming week. The piece received happy news today, that it was granted funding from Kulturrådet. The work is also produced with grants from Region Skåne. 

We are all looking forward to start exploring the universe of the trees (as the piece is made for outdoors, specifically working in and around giant trees. 
The piece premieres this coming June in Latvia and continues onwards to Estonia and the south-east part of Skåne region in Sweden. 

5 december 2021.

the year is coming to a close, but before wrapping up 2021, I have one more performance to go. On the 12th December I will be a guest-performer in ENT Managements production "Knekke Greine" which is showing at Telefonplan in Stockholm, Sweden.

upcoming projects & performances

This list is updated continuously as new dates are added. 

ENT "Aeldre"
Tvärkonstnärligt samarbete mellan nycirkus-, musik- och dans.

Work-in-Progress visning: Volda, Norge - 30 april. 

Premiär: Sanusi, Lettland -  8-11 juni

Untitled_Artwork 16.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 16.jpg

Dansstationen Turnékompani & MYKA

"Untz Baby Untz"
Dansföreställning för barn, presenterat på Dansstationen - Palladium.  

Bobbi Lo Produktion "Reali-Tea"
Interaktiv dansföreställning presenterat på Galleri CC, Malmö. Premiärdatum TBC. 

ENT  "Knekke Greine"

Nycirkus-, musik- och dans performance presenterat på Midsommargården, Telefonplan, Stockholm

Helena Olsson "Time Waste"

Performance-verk visat som del av eventet Five CornersLilith Performance Studio

August 2022

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